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Many times our providers can provide much more services than you are now receiving and at a substantial savings. Let us find the right company for your business.

  • payroll services
    Payroll processing

    Our programs start with the processing paychecks in a timely, accurate manner! Which also requires the reporting and payment of employee income taxes and employer payroll and unemployment taxes as well. Our providers implement the latest cloud based solutions to streamline the process and make it easier for you to produce payroll in less time allowing you more time to run your business. Many functions may be utilized as well such as vacation accrual, Time & Attendance Compliance in all aspects of payroll reporting.

  • workers compensation
    Workers compensation

    If needed workers compensations options are also available. An effective workers comp plan not only keeps your employees safe it can also help you be competitive within your industry. Frequent or high loss claims force up your workers comp cost and makes you less competitive in the marketplace. Many of our providers have many affordable options such has discounting abilities, deductibles and dividend plans to name a few. The also employ effective safety programs to help manage your companies risk.

  • employee benefits vero beach
    Employee benefits

    To help retain employees and reduce turnover a variety of services and benefits are also available to you and you employees. From employee handbooks to 401(K) and IRAs are also available for your employees to plan a long and financially rewarding tenure within your company. Flexible Spending accounts and HSAs are also a great benefit to your employees. Many other supplemental benefits can also be offered such as Short and Long term disability, Vision and Dental plans and pre-paid legal programs can also be offered.

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